As well as maximising our production performance, we have tried to improve our environmental performance too. The commitment of the firm has always been that of reducing environmental impact as much as possible. Therefore, since 1997, the year of our relocation in our new establishment located in the Udine Industrial Area, we have adopted forefront purification systems.

The purification of the waters used for washing occurs continuously, recycling as much as possible and confining only concentrated refluents to disposal. Nothing is discharged into sewers, reaching the so-called “zero discharge” objective which protects the company from the possible passing of the strict limitations set by the current legislation.

Three distinct extraction systems maintain the air in the interior of the work environment as “clean”, guaranteeing high levels of safety for the personnel.

Furthermore, the high level of automation of the electroplating plant ensures that the operators no longer need to work near the basins like they did at one time, but limit themselves to loading and unloading the electroplating frames with simple routine checks of the chemical solutions.