Chromium Plating

This treatment always requires an earlier layer of nickel to be deposited on the base material. The subsequent layer of chromium, on top of notably improving resistance to corrosion and oxidation of the sole nickel plating, confers to the treated item a characteristic brilliant azure colour with a metallic effect.

The deposit is furthermore characterized by an elevated inoxidability and hardness. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth, damp or lightly soaked in alcohol, and then can be gone over again with a dry cloth. Chemical products can also be used so long as they are not abrasive and do not contain hydrochloric acid, since the latter reduces resistance to corrosion over time.

The sectors in which this process can be employment are diverse, particularly in the decorative area. Diverse applications can be found in the sectors of taps and fittings, electrical appliances, and furnishings.

A great diffusion is to be found also in the area of cars and in the food sector.