Silver Plating

The deposit can be carried out directly on copper or on its alloys, although it is necessary to pre-lay a layer of nickel whenever it is desired to carry out electroplating on iron. In the case that the original surface was bright, the result is a shiny grey deposit with the white reflexes that are typical of silver.

In this case too, in order to avoid subsequent oxidations, it is wise to apply a layer of oven dried transparent varnish after the treatment. It can be cleaned with a dry or slightly moist cloth. Avoid using solvents or other chemical products.

This treatment can have a functional or decorative purpose. In the first case, it is used to improve the conductivity of less noble materials such as copper or brass.

One of its typical uses for example is in electronics. In the second case, it is used by sectors such as furnishing, craft work in general, and quality home objects.